Sunday, November 30, 2008

Get A New Camera

LOOK WHAT I GOT! I"M SO EXCITED THAT I CAN'T STOP TYPING IN ALL CAPS! Since I've been blogging, I've been pining away for a new camera. Phillip & I made a trip to Robert's Camera downtown on saturday for their after Thanksgiving sale and got this beauty for a steal. It is a Nikon D40, and I don't really know how to use it yet. It came with a free class in January, so maybe after that I'll be a little better. Here are some pictures that I took today at Phillip's family Thanksgiving.

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The Munns said...

Cool blog! I read your Green Kitchen blog and just found the link to this one.

Girl, you could SO mark off "start taking vitamins" this week. = )

I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the rest of the items!